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I really can't imagine this going any other way. Lots of work went into this claymation and I liked it.

No more than once a year I get into a fit I would call 'hysterical laughter' where I laugh until I cry, continue to laugh until it hurts then laugh at remembering the thing I just laughed at until I realize I've haven't been property breathing. Breath a little bit then laugh some more.
The moment when Brock fell into the lawn mower blades triggered me into this state. It literally makes my entire year and I'll get to have a positive outlook for the next eight months thanks to you and this video.

At first I was worried that this would be very meh or too short. It was the right amount of everything and I'm a bit too hung up on James' autofillatio with his head shoved comfortably in his pants.

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Great game. Only level 36 gave me trouble (The one with 3 red blocks only). Loads of fun. It must have been hard thinking up these puzzles that have 4 ways to beat every level. I hope to see another!

Excellent game.

Usually I avoid flash games altogether, but this is one that truly deserves the [5] rating.
The ending was truly epic. I watched it a second time just because you enabled it as an unlockable.
Things were challenging without being impossible or ridiculously easy.
Massive cross-over and stuffed full of Easter-eggs!!

I found a bug; I accidentally enabled a stupid two-player mode and on the Krank/Kirby boss, after I killed him my guy didn't pass off screen and kept dying while running on the spot until his lives ran out, then moved to the game-over/continue? screen.

I HATE that balloon level. Very slow paced. My only gripe.

PS: Two other things; The contra levels. Are the guns supposed to fire as fast as you can press the button? I mean, I can RAPE the bosses because I can rapid-fire naturally and the hold-down button was pretty slow and pitiful.
I really wished the A and D were swapped on some games. I kept shooting when I wanted to jump. I don't think it would matter if I had a controller, but on keyboard and arrow-keying (movement) with my right hand, kept me screwing up.



You should have released this 9 years ago, I coulda been playing it all this time.

You need 2 levels. One where we're going right to left instead to crash into the other tower.

Also include Pearl Harbor bonus level.

Kevin responds:

Too much work.

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Still my favorite song from Newgrounds.

This song would go well with anything.

My sphincter is ready.

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The characters look legit, like they could be from 16 bit games but then the mountain doesn't have that odd reoccurring block(s) that you usually get and sticks out too much for me.
I sort of wish the game (Castle Crashers) actually looked like this.

Why does this look better than the show? Only the hands stand out. I always drew them poorly.

lol @ EpicBros; She's from Game of Thrones. They are supposed to be.
Awesome picture.

1600 responds:

thank you!

I love a good sprite movie and those frame by frame drawn. I usually vote higher on these. I hate most flash games so I usually won't vote on them unless they're actually good.

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