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I love a good sprite movie and those frame by frame drawn. I usually vote higher on these. I hate most flash games so I usually won't vote on them unless they're actually good.

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Posted by Odbarc - January 23rd, 2015


Three pages written so far.



I haven't worked on any projects in a long (couple years). I've always liked looking back on my diary progress I put on on Newgrounds so I'll start one here. I'm going to try and write a book. I've already got the majority of the story in my head and I've got a few, ten or so, years tweaking the details so I think I can get it all to work.

Currently I want to convert everything I've written into a text document. Partially to help as a means to remember everything and to give it another overhaul so it can suit a written format.

Posted by Odbarc - June 14th, 2010

Same as previous update except I'm NOT working.

Been a year now. Even when I'm not working, I don't invest the time into any of my projects. Not much else to add.

It's been quite a long time. Still no projects in the works. Started a new job. No time for anything. I almost want to make a map for Starcraft II but I remember SC1's map editor took me a year to get a map playable. SC2 has more options so there's less planning required. But doing stuff, I'm sure, will take it's own toll of time and energy IF I work on it.
Plus I haven't touched my FF6 rom hack either. Life goals suck. I've got a life-time to finish it so there's procrastination indefinitely!

Wow, I updated this two months ago? I don't remember doing that. So much has happened in that time, I feel like I haven't been here in months.
I'm working on a FF6 rom hack instead of Massacre 6. I got a specific patch file made by TheNattack and a few other general hacks that enable me to do a whole lot of stuff I've been hoping to be able to do. With everything in place, I should have a constant stream of work being done over time.
Plus the eventual month+ long gap of not working on it, I predict, which is usual for me too.
And Starcraft 2 recently came out and I like to play that too.

I'm not currently working on any flash movies at this time. I've already considered what I would want for Massacre 6 (NG; Massacre Project 3) and I just don't have the time to put into the sprite work I would want to prepare for what I have in mind.
Alternatively, I've got my focus (of what little I can spare) on modifying a rom (FF6, if you couldn't tell I'm a fanatic).
I finished the sprite modifying aspect a long time ago, prepared a lot of 'to-do' things for the planning stage for the next hurdle - correcting the animations for all the new skills (and items associated).
Then there will only be the battle script (and alternate monster sprites) and game script to fix.
None of these are small tasks but it's the easiest way I can think of doing it.
Estimate time to completion? Probably 2015 based on how slowly I work. Yeah, I'm that lazy.
I might do Massacre 6 afterward depending on how I feel at such time.
I do eventually plan on making a Massacre 6, of course, except this FF6 hack is something I had wanted to do my whole life and I keep getting side-tracked.
I'll probably keep updates posted on my youtube account.

Posted by Odbarc - July 28th, 2007

Ahh, 4 more hours and I think I'm DONE. I'll probably upload this later today or tomorrow. I wasted 3 years on this thing! It's kinda good.

8 hours straight. Still need to add sound, music and blood. Whow, 2/5 of the things I needed to do! I'll do 'em now then. :)

Almost done. Maybe a week from now. Sound, music, blood, ending, credits.

Got sick for a week (flu) and haven't worked on it since. Disappointing seeing as I could have been close to done NOW. But then again, I'll still need to add polish, effects, sound and other stuff once I'm 'done'. It'll all be worth it.

I should be done pretty soon. I still need to polish the video, add some effects, sounds, music. But with the hard part over, it should all come together nicely. Looks good too.
Let's hope it gets front page, eh? :)

Couple months have passed. I just need to find time to animate the rest of the flash. All my sprites should be finished. Chances are I won't finish until 2009.

A lot has happened since 9 months ago. I finished the two sprite sheets a long time and and now I need a 3rd one which has halted production a little bit. What I've got so far looks pretty awesome and I'm pretty confident it'll be enjoyable. The increased sprites I have at my disposal really gives me a lot more creativity. I've even got a little part of hand-to-hand combat that looks incredible which the basic sprite set would never have allowed. I'm just glad I don't need many more sprite sheets to complete this. That would take SO long to create.
(Though, I'd maybe end up making them anyway eventually?)

Yup, Massacre 5 will definitely miss Madness Day. I'm done with the first batch of new sprites so I actually started. I also stopped playing D2 altogether so that won't be a distraction anymore. Things are looking up.

I figure I won't make it for Madness Day, Sept.22, but I still plan on making a Massacre 5 video with, hopefully, many improvements from #4.
First off, I've been making many new sprites in addition to the existing sheets originally available to make motions seem more fluid. This increases my work-load many times over. Happily, I've finished editing Cyan sprites and moving on to the next one. If I can just stop playing D2 long enough to finish a 2nd sheet, I'll see just how good these things will look in action.